Our Mission

Protect and restore the watershed ecosystems of the West to ensure river health, biodiversity, and clean water for present and future generations.


Our Vision

A future where healthy communities have access to clean, cool drinking water free from chemicals, and people can play in rivers and streams. A future where watersheds that store carbon are resilient to warming temperatures and other effects of climate change, and are home to abundant populations of fish and aquatic wildlife.


Our Approach

Protect Land To Protect Water

Pacific Rivers works at the watershed level to promote clean water and healthy rivers, because water and land are indelibly connected.

What is a Watershed?
An area of land that drains water (rain and snow) into streams, rivers, lakes, and eventually the ocean. Focusing solely on what’s happening in a river corridor will not sufficiently protect it for people, fish, or wildlife. We must protect the river corridor plus the wider land area around it — the watershed — from activities that pollute or harm the river.

Where you fit in

Pacific Rivers relies on YOU to help us do our work. You care about rivers. You care about clean water. You care about local economies. And you know it’s not possible without a healthy environment.

Join Us


Pacific Rivers is working to create a future where we:

  • Address the challenges faced by watersheds across the West.
  • Clearly deliver a sound approach to watershed resource management and clean rivers.
  • Increase public understanding of the ecological and socioeconomic value of watersheds.
  • Build lasting change that will protect watersheds for the people, wildlife, and ecosystems that depend on them.