Our Priorities

 PRC’s mission is to protect and restore the watershed ecosystems of the West in order to preserve our freshwater heritage.


The convergence of population growth and global climate change has thrust water-related issues to the forefront of many environmental debates.  Every living creature depends on water, and water is impacted by, and connected to, virtually everything we do as humans.  In the West, water resources are diminishing in quality and quantity.  Land use practices continue to degrade water quality and watershed health.  At the same time, scientific research clearly indicates that water resources will be further impacted by climate change.  Thus, the threats to freshwater ecosystems have never been more abundant or more immense.

PRC uses a watershed approach to river and aquatic species conservation.  Our priorities are to:

  • build lasting solutions for people and species that depend on healthy watersheds
  • work closely with leading scientists, economists, and legal experts to synthesize current knowledge of watershed conservation
  • inject current knowledge about watershed conservation into the most significant areas of policy decision-making
  • take legal action to protect aquatic resources from imminent danger
  • promote the economic benefits of healthy watersheds
  • establish permanent protection for the best remaining watersheds
  • actively promote watershed restoration




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