Film Reveals Oregon’s Dirty Logging Secrets — National Geographic blog

by Natalie Bennon, guest blogger — April 14, 2016 — in Water Currents

If you’ve ever been to Oregon, you probably think of us as a green state – a utopia filled with people who recycle, ride bicycles, and hike and fish in healthy forests filled with clear streams. But when it comes to our forests and rivers, how real is that reputation?
Pacific Rivers’ new award-winning film Behind the Emerald Curtain takes viewers beyond the scenery that most people see – beyond the “beauty strips” of trees that hide clearcuts from drivers, and behind the locked gates on the private lands that make up one-sixth of the state. There you’ll find people living with the effects of toxic pesticides sprayed from helicopters, of logging that happens right through the majority of streams, of rampant clearcutting on steep slopes causing landslides that smother streams below.  >>READ MORE>>


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