Many activities can degrade the health of a river or stream:

  • Dams
  • Taking too much water out
  • Development
  • Logging
  • Pollution
  • Mining


These activities can occur in the river, next to it, or further away. But everything flows downstream.


Whatever happens in the watershed affects the river, and the people and wildlife that depend on that water.


By donating to Pacific Rivers, you're helping protect clean water and healthy rivers for people and wildlife, now and forever.

What is a Watershed?

  • An area of land where all of the water in that area drains into the same place.
  • An area or ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers, basins, or seas.
  • The focus of everything Pacific Rivers does.

Pacific Rivers Takes A Watershed Approach To Protecting Rivers.

  • We work in the river.
  • We work next to the river.
  • We work in the wider watershed.

We protect healthy rivers and clean water
for fish, wildlife, people – all of us!

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