Autumn MacIntosh

Autumn joined Pacific Rivers staff in August of 2016.

Autumn MacIntosh is an environmentalist and human rights advocate. Her calling comes from her love for Mother Nature, and respect of our world’s cultures.

Her work began in partnering with indigenous communities on the brink of extinction, and on the frontline of climate change in South Americas Amazon Rainforests, predominately threatened but not limited to deforestation from oil industry exploitation.

Her successes include, fundraising for communications outreach, empowering indigenous lead, cultural restoration-preservation programs, building community centers, medicinal gardens, and schools celebrating traditions, culture and heritage.

By partnering with, and championing indigenous rights to territory, this support of communities living within the rainforest, acting as the stewards protecting the Amazon, leads to local, and world conservation for some of the most biologically diverse places on our planet.

Her work expands from the ground up to producer of film content, including the PSA “Keep the oil in the ground” video, directed by senior advisor of the UN, on behalf of Amazon Watch, that went viral with the United Nations Climate Summit of 2014 in NYC.

A series of virtual reality films on human and environmental rights with academy award nominated Ryot news – Huffington post, and Ryot/Hulu news channel.

With Pacific Rivers, Autumn’s same passions and service continue. Recognizing our best defense for opposing destructive climate change is to protect our threatened forests and watersheds by thinking globally, and acting locally.

Be it supporting our First Nations allies here in the Pacific Northwest, to amplifying all of our communities voices to protect our environment from the threat of industry.