We won’t stop working for clean water and healthy rivers for all

We won’t stop working for clean water and healthy rivers for all

Fellow River Lovers,

For many on our staff the past few days have felt very dark, we like many others are afraid of what is coming. We’ve dedicated our lives to protecting the rivers of the Pacific Northwest for the good of all people and we’ve heard many messages from the President-elect that run contrary to our conservation views and goals. Beyond the health of our rivers many of us have concerns for our friends and family that have been the target of cruel words during this divisive election.

We’ve heard from several of our supporters who have reached out in concern for what the results of the election mean to rivers, fearful that the decision of the American Electorate to elect Donald Trump could adversely and permanently impact clean water. We can’t promise that it won’t, but what we can promise is that we’ll keep fighting for healthy rivers and clean water for ALL PEOPLE.

Pacific Rivers has long been an organization that has worked for river conservation by proposing sound, scientifically-based policy and seeing to it that those policies are carried out. We are a non-partisan organization with a simple goal; to protect and restore rivers in the Pacific Northwest and we work across party lines to do just that. River conservation has propelled us for nearly three decades and will continue to propel us into the future.

Healthy rivers are not a partisan issue; they are a necessity and nothing about this election changes that. Millions of people depend upon the clean water that our rivers provide, river recreation contributes $97 billion to our economy each year, and our rivers are home to innumerable fish and aquatic species. Rivers are essential to our public health, economy, and our environment.

This election we’ve heard a lot of rhetoric from the President-elect about deregulating industry, mining and drilling for economic gains; we hope that this rhetoric is nothing more than just that. Pacific Rivers and a multitude of other environmental, conservation, and social justice groups will be pushing back against these potentially very dangerous ideas to protect our public lands and our public interest in conservation.

Now, perhaps more than ever, we must unify around our clean water, public lands, and sound environmental policy. We’ll be asking for your help to reform the Oregon Forest Practices Act, to sign the Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary Act into law, and we’ll be working to modernize the Columbia River Treaty. We’re working, right now, on revisions to the Northwest Forest Plan that will shape conservation in the Pacific Northwest for generations to come. We hope you’ll lend your voices and support for the work to come.

The Pacific Rivers Team,

John, Greg, Rebecca, Hilary, Mike & Shane

Clean Rivers for All

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